This is a full End to End Billing solution that includes

  • Data Entry of all charges within 24 hours.
  • Submitting electronic and / or paper claims to both primary and secondary insurance carriers.
  • Monthly Cash Statements.
  • Soft Collections after cash balance exceeds 70 days past due
  • Mail out a series of three collection letters.
  • Make 3 phone calls to patients who do not respond to collection letter.
  • Refer all remaining balances to client for analysis.
  • Entering practice information into software program, to include lists of all insurance carriers, fee schedules, ICD-10 and CPT-4 codes.
  • Accurate ICD-10 and CPT coding of your services 
  • Follow up on claims at 31 days
  • Appeals and Denials
  • We will follow insurance guidelines for all appeals and pursue all avenues to receive payments.
  • Posting of payments received from insurance companies and patients.
  • An in-house pre-collection unit
  • Insurance Verification

We work with your team to ensure all reimbursement targets are met

This is our Data processing package. This solution is recommended for providers who require specific data entry services when the personnel in charge of data entry is either unavailable/absent

  • Soft Collections –              $8 per claim
  • Patient demographic entry –             $0.80 per claim entry
  • Payment/cash posting entry –             $0.75 per claim entry

This is recommended for clients who wish to outsource the A/R portion of their medical billing cycle.

This package is recommended for Group Homes, Assisted Living with Medicaid submissions to DONS for Nursing Services

  • Claim submissions and posting $7.00. Including handling all preauthorization and adjustments to Department of Nursing Maryland


Outsourcing your billing solutions to The Elysian Inc is your best option because we have a dedicated team that will ensure that each claim completes a billing cycle process and in case of rejections or denials, our team will follow up and ensure no money is left on the table.

If you are hesitant to take that initial step, let’s make you an offer:

  • Sign up for our Free two-week trial on any package to gauge our level of expertise in revenue cycle management.
  • We also offer great bargains on the above packages after your trial period has ended.


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